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The beginning of production of mineral feed additives in the town Vermerovice is date towards the November of 1970. The artisans of the first recipes were renowned profesors and scientific advisors, who developed and influenced the science of animal nutrition. VVS has started with production of so called MIX mléka and later it has progressed towards the production of mineral and vitamin additives developing into the premix factory at it´s end.

The company itself started the business in 1989, but as the limited liability it was started only in the year 2000. Nowadays VVS is producing a mineral-vitamin feed, premixes and feed additives for all the categories of farm animals, especially cattle. VVS has a wast team of consultants, who help the farmers not only with their animal´s nutritional needs, but also in farm economics and management along with the veterinery sevices.

Since 1995 VVS has purchased a computed system of production and 5 years later the factory has inovated it´s exterior and all the production lines. In VVS the inovations and learning never ends and as a proof you can see our Certificate ISO9001 from 2001 and 2005 and certification for HACCP systems in the year 2009.

In the year 2008 our technology went through the next modernisation, which allows us to create products with higher added value, so called aglomerated mineral feeds, the decreased formation of dust particles and increased palatability with mollasses. Modernization of this technology was co-financed from the EU funds for the development of countryside.

The 1st October 2012 was another milestone for VVS in the most sofisticated style of quality control, thanks to the new ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic with utilization of RFID technology. Not only thanks to this technology VVS has obtained the GMP+B1 certification for the field of production of mineral feed, feed additives and premixes for animals and a trade with the feed compounds and additives.

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