We also provide services in the form of veterinary preventitive programmes, farm management budgets, artificial insemination and pregnancy diagnosis.
Genetic improvement in livestock through artificial insemination (AI) is a revolutionary technique that has significantly influenced the agricultural sector.
Silage testing is a crucial step in evaluating the nutritional value, safety, and overall quality of silage as feed for livestock. By understanding the results of silage tests, farmers and livestock managers can make informed decisions about ration formulation, storage improvements, and feeding strategies.
With this year´s Agritech Expo we have introduced our new line of 1,5% Broiler, Layer and Pig macropacks.
Silage making is a crucial process for preserving forage crops to ensure a stable and nutritious feed supply for livestock throughout the year.
Grass silage is a staple feed in many livestock operations, providing essential nutrients through the winter or dry periods when pasture is not available.
Creating an effective storage solution for silage is crucial for preserving its nutritional value and ensuring it remains free from spoilage and contamination.
Effective silage management is essential for producing high-quality feed that preserves the nutritional value of harvested forage, ensuring livestock health and productivity. The process involves several critical stages: harvesting the forage, ensiling it correctly, and collecting the finished product for feeding. Here’s an in-depth look at each of these stages.
Evaluating maize (corn) before harvest is crucial for determining the optimal time to start the harvest and ensuring the maximum yield and quality of the crop. The evaluation focuses on several key indicators that signal the crop's readiness for harvest. These indicators relate to the physiological maturity of the maize, the moisture content of the kernels, and the condition of the stalks and leaves. By carefully monitoring these signs, farmers can decide the best time to harvest their maize to achieve the highest quality and minimize losses.
Silage inoculation with specific microbial inoculants is a key strategy to enhance the fermentation process and improve the nutritional quality, palatability, and stability of silage.
Cooperation between Mukaziwa and VVS has started some 3 years back and we have managed with common goal in mind to increase the average production
Coming back to our new clients from the start of the year 2023.
We are currently busy with our vaccination and deworming programmes in our cattle herds.
VVS Zambia and 4 Pigs Zambia have started a training and research farm in Chongwe area.
VVS Zambia is happy to welcome the CEO of VVS Vermerovice in Zambia.
Both VVS Zambia and VVS Vermerovice are now participating during VIV Middle East expo in Abu Dhabi
Cooperation with Francis Farms takes us long 4 years back.
The cows are now resisting the heat at Chartonel farms pretty well with our C16, still holding up in production
On 06/10/2023 and 07/10/2023 we have participated in the biggest expo in southern province organized by Livestock services Mazabuka.
We are continuing to add new farms to the list of our happy customers.
We have established cooperation with Damian Roberts already in 2017 through preventive veterinary care for their cattle and goats on the Kachere farm in Chisamba
This farm is one of our biggest clients and we cooperate together on multiple tasks.
VVS and 4 Pigs football team
Welcome to our home!
Premixes for your farm
I've been working with VVS for 4 years on the development of the Zambian market and I've just started moving around the farms in South Moravia, so here's my introduction for those who don't know me yet.
Happy to support our Polo team again!
New farm was added to the list of our clients!
We like to participate in support of local entertainment. Developing our own team.
On this particular farm we were able to assess the TMR ration and supply the farmers with our Macropack
Premixes for your farm
VVS Zambia and VVS Vermerovice are happy to extend our hand onto the Kenyan market
We are happy to support Herdbook society in their efforts in training farmers in proper cattle management practices in Chingola, Zambia.
VVS Zambia and VVS Czech Republic were happy to sponsor our own team in the Lubombo Polo Open
These cow´s babies on a farm in Chisamba will be drinking our milk replacer - Multimilk Vital
On this particular farm we were able to assess the TMR ration and supply the farmers with our Macropack
Apart from feed supply and consultation, VVS also provides a complete range of cattle reproductive services
We are happy to annouce the availibilty of our products at Central farmers nest situated next to the filling station in Kabwe mall.
At the end of May we, VVS Vermerovice s.r.o., had a pleasure to host an incoming mission from Zambia consiting of experts and entrepreneurs from well known Zambian businesses
VVS Zambia along with VVS Czech Republic had a chance to present the mutual cooperation at the Agritech expo show happening from the 7th till the 9th of April 2022.
VVS Zambia is adding Livestock services in Mazabuka as another customer and a main distributor of our products in Zambia.
We are happy to inform our valued cutomers about the lastet promotion concerning our flag ship product. The Multimilk.
VVS has started its work in Zambia only 2 years ago, but we were already able to penetrate the market through our succesful cooperation with likes as Livestock services, Novatek and many of the large scale dairy farmers.