Cooperation with Livestock Mazabuka/

Cooperation with Livestock Mazabuka

VVS Zambia is adding Livestock services in Mazabuka as another customer and a main distributor of our products in Zambia.

This close cooperation arrives from good relations between VVS and Kushyia farms. We have started feeding Kushyia´s calves the milk replacer Multimilk already 2 years ago and we continue successfully in advise of the calf rearing and supply until present. That is why the the first products starting our distribution in Livestock Mazabuka are our calf replacers: Multimilk Vital and Multimilk Premium. Along with these obvisous products we have also supplied our Premix A2 for lactating cows. Apart from the Dairy animals we have also brought the mineral mixtures for all the catogories of pigs.